Registry Time!

Tomorrow is the day--it's Registry Day!

Jared may not be as excited as me, but it should be fun. We're splitting the day up, 1 store, then a KSU basketball game and lunch, then 1 more store. Hopefully I can keep him motivated after the game. :) Gimme that registry gun!!! (And go Cats!)


  1. Bed Bath & Beyond will take 3-4 hrs.. it's very overwhelming!!! Have fun.

  2. I just opened 2 wedding gifts (from 7 years ago!) this year... stuff I thought I "had" to have... haha. It is a fun time, hope you enjoy :)

  3. Ooh fun, I loved doing the registry. I did get a little trigger happy though, but we got some great stuff! And yay for the K-State win! Finally!