On to 2011

Top 10 Answers--although there are probably hundreds more:
1) First and most importantly, I will finally be married to Jared-my best friend, my perfect match, and my constant comedic relief. :) I can't wait!
2) Despite what kind of woman you think I am, my last name will no longer be Peters. :)
3) Etsy store? Maybe? Hopefully? :) I won't make a resolution for this--too much commitment. :)
4) Our dog Rupert will be 2yrs old, and hopefully much more prone to cuddling, and a lot less prone to being terrified of everything other than Jared and me.
5) I will be 28 years old, whoa.....
6) In work-related projections, I will be reaping the benefits of my well thought-out, well-executed social media marketing project. Pretty please with a cherry on top? I had to fight hard to get this one to go through. Please work....
7) I will be back in my "run 5 miles without feeling like I just performed a small miracle" shape.
8) Kansas State men's basketball team will have beat KU twice, and made it to at least the final four of the 2011 NCAA tournament. Then, by this time next year, we are ranked within the top 5 in the nation. :) EMAW baby.
9) The house will be entirely put together. Today Jared and I made some good progress, but still a long way to go!
10) I will check with all family members before purchasing Christmas gifts, to ensure no gifts are duplicated come unwrapping time. :)

Happy New Year everyone! As I bid 2010 farewell, I can't wait for what 2011 will bring, and what I will bring to 2011. :)

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