Work -- times two

Well ladies and gents, I've officially been employed for one whole week! The one week hiatus from my blog can only be explained by the one solidweek of on the job training I just received (aka becoming one massive sponge who cannot make room for even one more measly drop of water - system overload). Despite the usual stresses of starting a new job, I am really excited and loving each new person I've met. Even better, I'm feeling extremely lucky to have landed where I have. So now the real work begins and I can't wait to see where the future takes me! Enough of that, and I promise the work-speak will be kept to a minimum on the blog. It'll be the last thing I'll want to talk about I'm sure!

I may not have had the energy to blog all week but thankfully I was still able to make some time to finish up a couple new pieces for the shop. Thank goodness chevron is still so popular, because I am still l-o-v-i-n-g it. See below:

Ombre Chevron, Chevron art, Ombre art, Blue Chevron, Pink Chevron 
P.S. I am making a personal commitment to continue painting in whatever spare time I'll have outside of the new job. Now that I've had the last few months to get some good work in, I couldn't imagine letting it go. It would just break my heart! Anyone else out there working a full time job and selling on Etsy who might have some helpful hints on work life balance? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Til next time folks, and have a great week!
Top Image Source: Etsy Hey Paul Studios - embroidery hoop- So cute!

Wanted: Lavender Skinny Jeans

I am hot on the hunt for a pair of some lavender skinnies. Something about this soft shade of purple has me smitten, and I can't get them out of my head! Sometimes you know exactly what it is you want, and nothing can stop you from finding them. I've found a couple options, and am curious which one is your favorite? I think I'm leaning towards the Forever 21 pair, or the Target pair.

Lavender Skinny Jeans, Lavender, Pastel Purple, Spring 2013

Before I commit to any of them, I gave the lavender shade a whirl on my nails. After trying this color out, now I KNOW I have to have them in a pair of skinny jeans. I spotted this polish in the checkout line at Forever 21, and it was destiny. :) I'm officially in love.

New Art, New Job!

My two latest pieces made their way into my Etsy shop this week, and me without a single post about them until today...such neglect! Since my previous hexagon piece sold, I wanted to give it a new spin with a new color combination. I love the yellow and teal pops of color! The green mod piece is definitely fun, but a bit more dreary than I originally intended. Painting without a real plan sometimes takes me down paths I didn't expect, and I'm always glad for that process. Somewhere out there, there is a room begging for both of these pieces to call it home!

I plan on beginning a new piece tonight in hopes of getting two or more pieces added to the shop before I begin...
You heard it right. The interviews went better than I could have ever hoped, and I was lucky enough to receive an offer shortly after. I couldn't be more excited to join the working world again, although there was a certain joy in taking a break from answering to the man. Perhaps someday I can rely solely on Etsy and my blog, but until then mama's gotta help pay the bills! I kick off my new endeavor on Monday as a Marketing Coordinator for a privately held, medium sized company in Overland Park, KS, so I plan on having a full weekend of painting before then. Thanks again for all of your good luck wishes, it must have helped. :)

Till next time folks...

Who Wants A Cupcake?

Salted Caramel Buttercream icing, Chocolate Cupcake, Salted Caramel Cupcake

Happy Monday friends! This weekend I had the opportunity to try an absolutely, positively, to-die-for cupcake recipe. Just try to say The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Caramel Buttercream Icing without drooling. Props to you if your mouth didn't water.

Now I am not one to bake confections from scratch. If there is a shortcut, I generally take it because that's just how I roll. However this weekend I was feeling a little...ambitious. Every element of this cupcake was made from scratch right down to the caramel used in the icing, and although it took me a bit longer than expected it was worth every minute, dirty bowl, and dusty counter top. These cupcakes are everything. There truly is a difference in cupcakes made from scratch, my husband can attest to that as much as I can. :)

A big thank you to the Chef In Training for sharing the recipe on her blog (where I found it from Pinterest). Just don't judge my final product against hers, because I couldn't quite achieve the cupcake boutique icing job with even remotely as much skill. :) No matter, this recipe is definitely a keeper!

Wanted: This Necklace

Fashion Find, Pastel Jewelry, Spring trend, Statement Necklace

It's a rainy, dreary day here in Kansas, and this necklace is just the thing to brighten my day. I am in total lust with this sea foam green two tone chain necklace from Nordstrom. Perfect for spring, don't you think? What makes this necklace even more amazing is its attractive price: $14.00 people! Dress it up, dress it down. Pair it with neutrals or with colors. Versatile and inexpensive are a winning combination every time. You can find this necklace on my Most Wanted--Fashion board on Pintrest, along with lots of my other favorite fashion finds. 

P.S. Thanks for the well wished on the interview last week! It must have worked, because I was asked back today for the last interview! Woo hoo! Wish me luck just one more time. :)

Today, We Celebrate!

Champagne, Celebrate, Etsy Success
Image Cred: Flickr
The last 24 hours have been BIG my friends, and we have much to celebrate! Let's review the awesomeness:
1) The Blog
2) The Etsy Feature
3) The Etsy Success

Have you noticed the killer blog updates? I mean, it's practically a whole new blog! In my eyes, a great blog is a combination of good design, amazing photos, and interesting content. My previous monstrosity was missing two out of three, and sometimes even all three. Now I've got a clean and focused design, incredible photos, and I promise that I'm working on the content part everyday. :)

To whom do I owe for all of the blog/photo help? My uber talented, uber successful sister Rebecca Haas, owner of Rebecca Peters Photography. Having a professional photographer in the family has had it's benefits, not gonna to lie. She always has a camera ready to capture important, or even unimportant family moments (which when shot by her, are sometimes are even more memorable). Her photo prowess coupled with her html and graphic design experience, and being the great sister that she is, she offered to help me with the blog overhaul. I'm indebted on this one for a while, wouldn't you say? There are not enough thank yous in the world. Love ya sis!

Last night, something major happened. Something I wasn't sure would EVER of my pieces made the front page of in the handpicked items! My Colorful Hexagons piece was there, and I took a screenshot to ensure I never forget the glory. Can I just say that I've never had more traffic to my Etsy store? Wow:
Etsy treasury Featured, Etsy homepage feature,

Nothing short of 30minutes into the Etsy homepage glory, The Curious Yellow Etsy store received its very first order!  Not only am I overjoyed to have made my first sale, but it has really opened my eyes to just how much the added exposure really meant to my budding little shop. Now that the excitement of my first Etsy success has been dialed back a notch, I've got to not only get back into the studio and paint my little heart out, but work on some SEO and networking to boost my exposure. More treasuries, more circles, more artwork, more blogging....Gameplan, GO!

Add a Little Love to Your Mantle

Valentine's Day Mantle, Holiday Art, Valentine's Day Decor

Above is a piece I worked on this morning, perfect for a little Valentine's Day decorating. Whether you want it for you mantle, bookshelf, sideboard, or otherwise it's the perfect size to add a little Valentine's Day love to any room.

I don't typically do too much decorating for Valentine's Day myself. I go all out for Christmas, Halloween, and some Thanksgiving, but even then I really need to cut back. If my living room looks as though the holiday exploded inside of our home, it may be a tad overkill. Just sayin'.

Just for fun, I put together an Etsy treasury full of some of my favorite Etsy Valentine's Day decor finds. Etsy is so full of incredible things, you just never know what you'll see. You can go check out my Valentines Day Decor treasury here. For a little preview, I featured some of my favorites below. Maybe I should reconsider my decision to not decorate for Valentine's day. :)