New Artwork--Yesssss

So way back when I started this blog, I had the intention of focusing my posts mainly on my artwork. Naturally amidst the engagement, home-buying process, and wedding planning stress, my artwork has fallen by the wayside. That deserves two sad faces. :( :( Although I had lots of great content to write about, I was missing the main reason why I started the blog in the first place. Now with the wedding craziness disappearing (awww) I was able to finally work on something new for the humble abode!

Meet my three new friends:

They have found their new home in my recently re-vamped master bedroom. Yeah, you may remember that about a year ago I already went through one re-vamp. Just something about it didn't feel right with me. I wasn't in love with our room the way I expected to be. I didn't even post any pictures of the completed room online. That has to mean something, right? So, time for another change! Even better, it meant I was able to paint something awesome to hang above our bed. :)

I'm definitely feeling the love now! Sorry the pic is a little dark, but I was getting some great sunlight! Ever since my wedding colors were determined, I have been obsessed with the color emerald green. I just love its richness and brightness at the same time. It's a great accent color with gray, so it was an easy switch from my previous color choice. Add in some new bedding, and new accent pillows, and I'm all set! I'll post some more pics once the room is totally done. I have a few more things I want to do before I consider this case open and closed. :) FYI, here's what color the room was when we moved in:

That's a whole lotta blue! So here's hoping I can get back to painting some more, and maybe even start up my Etsy store one of these days. Hey, a girl can dream about quitting her job and relying solely on hand-painted artwork, right? Right??? Please???