6 months to go


The moment I realized that we only have 6 months left before the wedding, stress and worry set in. Holy cow! Only 6 months! We have so much left to do! Is it too late to hire a planner? :)

This week, I'm focusing on:
-Wedding invites--what we want, and hopefully ordering in the next week or so
-Bridesmaid gifts
-Cake,cupcakes or other dessert option under consideration. :) Pricing, and decision
-Centerpieces--need a final decision
-Schedule food tasting at the event space
-Sending deposit to florist
-Scheduling another crafternoon to finish off the Yay flags

Whew, that should be enough for now, right? I was able to squeeze in an hour of P90X tonight, which I needed more to work off the stress than to worry about looking awesome in my dress. (Which came in last week!) YAY! Laundry and dishes may or may not get done this week. Don't judge, only I have to live in my filth. :) Time to focus and knock some of these things out!

Deep breath, I can get this done.

Emerald Green Shoes FOUND

What are best friends for? So much more than finding great shoes, but that's just what my best friend did this week! Kristen Sikorski to the shoe rescue!

She discovered these lovelies from Cutie123.com:
You will never guess how much they were..... $24.00! Are you kidding me!!? Purchased, without question. I'm just waiting for the shipment to arrive so I can see them in person and ensure they aren't too good to be true. Love ya Bestie. Thanks for your tireless Google searches for the past 3mths. :) It all paid off!

I heart today

A much needed relaxing day is happening right now. With the skies gray and dreary, the temps colder than desirable. It's a good time to stay in with some comfort necessities including:

A morning Starbucks Nonfat Chai--they never get old

A KSU bball win. (vs Missouri to boot)

Last but not least, this Chili recipe in the crockpot.

Oh and Jared and I are hosting a house guest for the day. The one and only Mosby-Dog! Rupert is loving having his best friend around. It's been non-stop action.

Thank goodness for a Saturday with no plans. Pretty perfect. :)

They flat-out don't exist

A simple pair of emerald green pumps. Seems simple right? 3 months later, I have no shoes for the wedding yet. I am taking suggestions from anywhere, and anyone! I'm waiting for the shoe gods to deliver the perfect shoe for me, but so far no luck. I'll take a platform, a closed toe, ruffles, bows...I'm getting desperate. Don't make me resort to a dye-able shoe!!!

The above shoes are Pierre Hardy, and they are not available anywhere that I can find (besides the fact they are most likely wayyy out of price range) :)

It's a Crafternoon!

I can't take credit for the term, but I can say that it's exactly what this past Sunday was! After a lengthy trip to Hobby Lobby on Friday, I was prepped and ready to try out some DIY wedding projects. Sunday afternoon, my mom and my sis were gracious enough to offer up their hands to help out with the gluing, sewing, yarn-wrapping, paper cutting....you name it. All in the name of money saving for the main event. Of course I captured some images of the action, but my sis took some with her mega, superstar camera. Try to guess which ones are from her camera? :)

I started the fun off with some Panera for lunch for the ladies. We needed our nourishment to prep for this!
Then the mess began: First off were the Yarn Cage Balls, hopefully used for decor at the reception:

The finished product will have to be a surprise, b/c these took too long to dry! Next we moved on to the Yay Flags. Who needs to throw rice when you can wave flags that read "yay!"? :)

We only had a few minor mishaps, but all in all, it was successful Crafternoon! There will be plenty more where that came from, because these projects aren't even half way done. :)

Blizzard 2011

Now that we have thawed out a bit, I wanted to share a few photos I took around the house in the aftermath of the blizzard we had last week (or as the weatherman were calling it, SnOwMG). So silly. Anyway, I honestly can say I have never seen so much snow fall at once. The blizzard conditions created some enormous and beautiful snow drifts. There were so many business closed down, including mine. It was a city-wide, nearly state-wide snow day! Jared and I tried to order pizza the evening after the snow storm, and both Papa Johns and Pizza Hut were closed!

Here's the snowy carnage:

That's the water spigot coming out of the house and the hose holder, both nearly covered.

Enormous snow drifts in between the houses. You can see our trash can in the back, the drift is almost as tall!

Loved this shot of the drift lines. So pretty!

The shoveling of the driveway was one thing: two times, about 6inches shoveled each time, but the leftovers of the plow going by our driveway is another. Ugh. It's hard to tell from the photo, but that pile was about 2ft tall, and solid. Just when you thought you were done, ugh.

Of course I had to get one of the Rupe-dawg having a grand ol' time! The snow was so deep, he could only jump through it like a spring, nearly straight up and down. Adorable. :)

We will surely be waiting for this snow to melt for weeks to come. That means I'm going to have to go buy a lot more windshield washer fluid to get through the melty, salty roads during day to day commute. More snow might fall tomorrow and next week too! What a crazy winter this has been. I love it. :)

I won! So did Rupert!

I'm the winner! My friend Kayla from The Sloup Family blog held contest via her blog for a $25 gift card to CSN stores, and I was the lucky winner! Awesome! Rupert also was the winner from this lucky award. He desperately needed a new dog bed (one that doesn't shed all over the place creating more a mess than I care to clean up after). So I snatched up this lovely, color-coordinating to our living room, dog bed. I hope he loves it!
Thanks again Kayla! And for those of you interested in learning how to be the most incredible wife and mother, go check out her blog-linked above. She has a designer's eye (her home is just adorable), she and her husband are raising a gorgeous baby girl who is about to turn 1 year old, and she cooks like a professional. Her Pie Week is actually what gave me the idea to register for pie weights and a pie crust shield. Although completely homemade pie everyday for a week may be a little over my head!

I'm domesticated--this proves it

How did I spend a good portion of my Sunday? Doing this, and I'm not afraid to admit how excited I was to do it:

That Before situation is not only embarrassing, but stressed me out every time I opened the door. Yikes. How'd that happen?! At least I'm justified in spending the time to get it done and getting it looking neat and organized. Now when I open the door? Beams of light appear and a chorus sings. Ahh domestic bliss. :)