I won! So did Rupert!

I'm the winner! My friend Kayla from The Sloup Family blog held contest via her blog for a $25 gift card to CSN stores, and I was the lucky winner! Awesome! Rupert also was the winner from this lucky award. He desperately needed a new dog bed (one that doesn't shed all over the place creating more a mess than I care to clean up after). So I snatched up this lovely, color-coordinating to our living room, dog bed. I hope he loves it!
Thanks again Kayla! And for those of you interested in learning how to be the most incredible wife and mother, go check out her blog-linked above. She has a designer's eye (her home is just adorable), she and her husband are raising a gorgeous baby girl who is about to turn 1 year old, and she cooks like a professional. Her Pie Week is actually what gave me the idea to register for pie weights and a pie crust shield. Although completely homemade pie everyday for a week may be a little over my head!

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