It's a Crafternoon!

I can't take credit for the term, but I can say that it's exactly what this past Sunday was! After a lengthy trip to Hobby Lobby on Friday, I was prepped and ready to try out some DIY wedding projects. Sunday afternoon, my mom and my sis were gracious enough to offer up their hands to help out with the gluing, sewing, yarn-wrapping, paper name it. All in the name of money saving for the main event. Of course I captured some images of the action, but my sis took some with her mega, superstar camera. Try to guess which ones are from her camera? :)

I started the fun off with some Panera for lunch for the ladies. We needed our nourishment to prep for this!
Then the mess began: First off were the Yarn Cage Balls, hopefully used for decor at the reception:

The finished product will have to be a surprise, b/c these took too long to dry! Next we moved on to the Yay Flags. Who needs to throw rice when you can wave flags that read "yay!"? :)

We only had a few minor mishaps, but all in all, it was successful Crafternoon! There will be plenty more where that came from, because these projects aren't even half way done. :)


  1. great ideas abbey! i can't wait to see your yarn decor!!

  2. Thanks Jeni! It's always a question how these things turn out. Hopefully it works. :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! Those yarn cage balls are going to look awesome, and the signs are adorable!!