A Brand New Start--Literally

So today I remembered that I actually have my own blog. Oh blogging, who has time to do it anymore? Okay so it's been a lot of months since I've posted, what can I say, wanna fight about it? With the wedding going off literally without a hitch (thanks to some awesome family coordination), a one week incredible honeymoon in Cabo Mexico, and not one but two new jobs for the newly formed Whitney family, things have gotten crazy! You heard me right, both Jared and I are both proud owners of new jobs. We figured, hey, we might as well throw what remained of our single-lives in the trash, and start all over, good idea right? (Not really, it was totally planned, but the timing of how this whole thing went down has been rather, well, strange). First and foremost, wedding, horray! Photo above taken by our uber-talented photographer Jeremy Arnold (see full blog post here with more images)! There's my own horn, tooted. The wedding was incredible, can we do it again? :)

Now on to the decision to uproot my six year career. From my standpoint was simply ready to move on to a new career with more potential and move on to something bigger and better, and Jared was finally ready to have a job which allowed him to be home more than away. We are SO INCREDIBLY lucky to have both found GREAT jobs in this rather lousy job market. Don't get me wrong, it took about 2 months before I was able to land an offer, but I still consider myself lucky. Interviewing the Wednesday before the wedding however? Not desirable. I'm surprised I didn't come off like a complete stress-ridden, basket case.

So today was my very first day at at my new job as the new Internet Marketing Coordinator and I think I'm going to like this place! (although one guy did say to me "you look like someone, and this is nothing against you at all, but like that ditzy girl from that one show....you know what I'm talking about?" No sir, I have no clue, but please be more specific for my own personal ego...sheesh). This exchange happened only minutes before the cheesy sexual harassment video aired. Ironic.

And Jared? He is finishing out his 2 remaining weeks at his current position and starts at a local software development company thereafter! I'm so excited for him, I think he will love it there from all the great things people say about the lucky company who landed him. :)

So, we have a brand new start on our hands, fo sho. Here's hoping my sanity sticks around throughout this transition process. Three cheers for the Whitneys! Yayflag! Yayflag! Yayflag! :)