6 months to go


The moment I realized that we only have 6 months left before the wedding, stress and worry set in. Holy cow! Only 6 months! We have so much left to do! Is it too late to hire a planner? :)

This week, I'm focusing on:
-Wedding invites--what we want, and hopefully ordering in the next week or so
-Bridesmaid gifts
-Cake,cupcakes or other dessert option under consideration. :) Pricing, and decision
-Centerpieces--need a final decision
-Schedule food tasting at the event space
-Sending deposit to florist
-Scheduling another crafternoon to finish off the Yay flags

Whew, that should be enough for now, right? I was able to squeeze in an hour of P90X tonight, which I needed more to work off the stress than to worry about looking awesome in my dress. (Which came in last week!) YAY! Laundry and dishes may or may not get done this week. Don't judge, only I have to live in my filth. :) Time to focus and knock some of these things out!

Deep breath, I can get this done.

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