Awww Yeah

It is no secret that Jared and I are ice cream fanatics. I mean we practically found love over late night and blizzards, concretes, and sundaes after our evening softball games. Truth be told, my wedding dieting has been derailed more than once due to ice cream (well, that and Nutella, but that's for another post). :)

So when Jared and I were considering our wedding dessert, something about a standard wedding cake just didn't seem right to us. Don't get me wrong, wedding cake is DELICIOUS, but it wouldn't be an evening complete without ice cream in our eyes. This wedding is ours, after all. We might as well do what we want! Then, as if by some crazy and awesome coincidence, I happened upon a new creation from Cold Stone Creamery. Enter, Ice Cream Cupcakes. For Reals?!!?

Picture this....A base layer of cake (red velvet, yellow, or devil's food, any flavor of cold stone ice cream you wish, topped with icing, all held together by a chocolate cup. Ummmm...YES PLEASE. We couldn't get to the nearest shop fast enough. We had to try these babies out. Long story short, they are as amazing as you'd expect. Although it's not set in stone, Jared and I are about 99% sure that these lovelies will make an appearance come dessert time at the reception (With a few personal touches). :)

Thank you Cold Stone geniuses. :)


  1. You better keep these babies far away from me at your wedding, because I'm going to eat them all! YUM!!

  2. Now, when your mother told me you were having ice cream at the wedding, I was skeptical, but I am now seeing the light!

  3. Thanks to you both for the comments! Trust me, they are A-mazing. Of course you could just get some at Cold Stone whenever you please. :)