Atlanta in 24hrs - GO

OK, so it's slightly more than 24hrs, but I leave tomorrow early evening, and come back Wednesday night. This may go on record as the fastest work trip I have ever taken and I couldn't be more thrilled about that. Compared to the three week long Germany, China, Singapore excursion back in 2007, I welcome this one day trip with open arms. We typically are exhibitors at this annual event, and I would already have been on day 4 of my trip by tomorrow. But not THIS year! Hoorray! Bring on the exhaustion of one day walking the entire Georgia convention center in six hours, grabbing as much s.w.a.g. as humanly possible, and flying back that same evening. I'll let ya know if I nab anything good. I'm expecting to enter at least 5 drawings for iPads. :)

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