A whole house to decorate--Deep breath

So I'm getting rather excited to start getting new stuff for the new house, but it's also kinda overwhelming. :) In reality, Jared and I are pretty lucky as the house is in great shape and doesn't really need that much work, but what fun is it if you don't take some liberties to make it your own? Although the entire house can be a work-in-progress, my first priority is the master bedroom. The current color is a dark almost navy blue, making the room resemble a dark blue cave, and the master bath transitions to a pastel blue. Ick...Rest assured, I will be taking some before and after pics before this project begins.

After much deliberation I've decided on a new color palette for the master bedroom, and that's a success for me on its own. (You should have seen how long it took me to decide on my wedding colors. Just ask my sis, as it seems every week I was telling her what my new colors were going to be) I don't know when I became so indecisive, seriously. Every decision is like the decision of the year for me. It's annoying and doesn't bode well for the hundreds of decisions I'm going to be making for the wedding over the next year. Maybe that'll force me to get better about it! Anyways, back on the subject, the lucky color winners are....drum roll please.....

Tada!! Gray and Coral. LOVE, LOVE this.. . I'll probably add some silver and or white decor in there. Ahhh, perfection. The plan as of now, is for the walls to be the gray color, and the duvet/comforter will be coral, as well as fun little decor. However upon further research, finding a coral color duvet or even comforter set is harder than one might think. Although I do have a few options that I like:

West Elm

Crate & Barrel:

Although the Crate & Barrel duvet is very cool, (and I actually just realized the image has the same color palette as my picks, maybe that's why I like it so much?) :) but it resembles my current duvet cover with a large white print, so I am actually leaning towards the West Elm duvet. Maybe it's too orange? Ahh, decisions. What do you guys think? Help! :)

I sense a new painting brewing to hang in this room...


  1. Love the coral color and grey together! I also like the one from west elm. that is a good balance between masculine and feminine!

  2. I do like the color combo! I loved repainting parts of our house when we moved in (except for that time that I tried to repaint the guest bedroom only to find that I was painting over about 60 years worth of wallpaper...) - I'm tackling the bathroom next!

  3. Thanks ladies! Laura, you made a great point. West Elm duvet is screaming "Buy MEEEEE!"

    Kate, lucky for me, this house had ZERO wallpaper. Hooray!!!! I've been through it at my parents house though. Holy hell it sucks to take down, especially when it's super old, oh yeah, and PAINTED over. People suck. :)

  4. Pretty color combo! I like the West Elm one too, and I agree about it being more gender neutral. I'm excited for you and all your decorating! Maybe I'll learn something--I'm an awful decorator!

  5. really love the colors and i agree, i like the west elm duvet the best. it is so much fun making a house your home! :)

  6. I like the second one.. it's cute and savy!