Most Wanted

Amidst battling a rather nasty case of food borne illness from one of my favorite restaurants (it will not be named as I have eaten there so many times, my loyalty is established and cannot be destroyed), what better time to blog? So this should be the first of many in a series I like to call Most Wanted. The way I look at it, if I share the items I really want to purchase with all of you, it may relieve the actual feeling of needing to purchase them? Right? Yeah, let's go with that. Actually, I have already set myself up for failure before I even began this post....Item #3 has already been purchased. Oops. Before you start to think I have a serious problem, just wait until you see the price, you'll understand!

1) KC Chiefs Fan Shirt:Football season is upon us, and I am super pumped. I've been a Chiefs fan for, oh, 27 years? And I have yet to own a Chiefs shirt that I would be proud to wear on game day. This MUST be the reason we have never made it to the Superbowl in my lifetime, right? True, this shirt is not Chiefs & Chopper red, but at least it's decent looking. (If you care about that when you team is as horrible as the Chiefs are these days). Now that Tony G. has decided his love for me was too great and he needed to move away to Atlanta to focus on his career, my #88 jersey will be banished to my closest abyss. That's the story the news never told you...I swear.
2) Modcloth Tshirt:I swoon. That color/design is so unique, it must be mine.
3) Arden B Jeans:These babies were only $20 on sale...need I say more? They are headed my way as we speak.
4) Puma Sneakers:I have been lusting for a pair of kick ass pumas for all of 2010, and simply waiting for the right color combination that I loved the most. These are super cool, bright and fun. Is it finally time to pull the trigger?
5) Love Culture purse:I can't decide if this purse looks too summer-y for a the upcoming fall season. Either way, I love it.

There you have it! I've started you off slow with this first ever Most Wanted list. I would expect the next round to have at least double the items. Sooooooo I might have a slight problem. I ask that you please direct all concerned messages to my mother for further understanding of my shopping addiction. :)


  1. I'm wearing Puma sneakers right now. I have defeated you in fashion.

  2. I just bought my very first Chiefs shirt (after having lived in Kansas for the better part of 20 years) for the Monday Night Football game in September. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about it.

    Sad to say, though, it took a LOT of looking to find a cute one. Why does most Chiefs stuff look so white trash??