It Begins...

So I have a blog. This can either be a fabulous idea, or the absolute final detriment to my social life. I blame my sister for getting me involved in the world of blogs to begin with. And I say that with Love big sis. :) Google Reader, I heart you and will never go back. I really owe her a big ol' thank you for always ensuring I didn't fall behind in the world of technology. I might still be using hotmail exclusively if it weren't for her at this point. Sad huh?

Seeing close friends as well as people I don't even know blogging about their lives, their interests, what made them angry/happy that day, anything really, made me insanely jealous. "I wanna do that!" in my best 7 year old whiney voice. So decision it is.

What's in a name? The Curious Yellow--this was the brain child created for my up-and-coming Etsy store. As a total amateur artist, (more details later) the decision to even attempt selling my work has been a difficult one. So I figure, let's start with a blog and go from there. I'm extremely "curious" about what my capabilities can lead me to, and if you don't like the color yellow, even a tiny little bit, what the heck is wrong with you?! It represents everything bright, warm, happy, sunshiney and other made up words. It's my personal fav, so it earned a spot in my title.

Here I am nice to me.


  1. yea! so excited to read about your life!!! :) blogging is fun!