Crafty Tuesday

Ahhhh, the carnage from a new craft project. Paper-y, glue-y, carnage. While I watch the season finale of Hell's Kitchen, (cause that's how I roll) it feels amazing to actually have the time to start on this special project I have been wanting to finish for weeks now. The details remain confidential for now, but all will be revealed soon enough. :)

In other news, a longtime friend of mine has recently reignited my obsession with everything Ryan Adams, all with a simple facebook status update. You see, I am an avid Grooveshark listener while at work, and for the past 2 days it's been playing nothing but Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown due to this one little facebook reminder. I will admit, I didn't listen to Whiskeytown too much before I became a fan of Ryan Adams. But my recent musical journey has had me listening to more Whiskeytown than just Ryan Adams, and I must say...amazing stuff. If you don't know, give House on a Hill or Jacksonville Skyline a listen. Not to discredit Ryan Adams' solo career, La Cienega Just Smiled is one of my all time faves.

I owe Randall Moore much more than appreciation for getting me on the Whiskeytown bandwagon, as his passion for music and incredible lyrics are what helped me discover my love for Counting Crows back in my high school days. And I don't mean the "Mr. Jones" Counting Crows, I mean the Anna Begins Counting Crows... the Goodnight Elizabeth Counting Crows. I just simply fell in love with the lyrics, as well as the melody when it came to the good ol' CC. It's great to have a friend around who not only appreciates great music, but continues to keep your music library full of new and great stuff. Thanks again Randy. :)


  1. Wow -- weird irony. As I was reading this, "Anna Begins" is playing on my iTunes -- totally at random from thousands of songs.

    I need to check out more Whiskeytown. Also, if you're not familiar with him, check out Joseph Arthur. Methinks you will like. Brilliant.

    -Dan Merker

  2. I was a closet Counting Crows fan back in college. During those years people would put Counting Crows and Hootie and the Blowfish in the same class. I'm happy to see they continued on and are still producing great music to this day!

  3. Dan, that is nuts! They knew I was singing their praises. I will definitely check out Joseph Arthur. Something tells me I'll like it, given the number of concerts we seem to always run into each other at, I guess we have the same music taste!
    Jess, I had no idea you were a CC fan! Awesome. I agree, people really didn't respect them as anything more than a pop band. We were in the know. :)