I love football, get over it.

Fantasy football. Some may think it is the most ridiculous idea of a game and the thought of participating would be about as fun as watching grass grow. Well, this is not at all the case for me. In fact, I look forward to football season more than any other sport because let's face it, football simply IS the best spectator sport there is. No other sport can make me jump up and down, yell and scream at the TV in excitement or anger, and literally clear out an evening/afternoon just to watch a game (Although college basketball is a close second). To this day I still believe that had there been an all girl league of football when I was younger, dare I say that it would have been my sport of choice rather than soccer. Would I have been good at football? Most likely not and I'm sure I would have cried on multiple occasions due to my rather low tolerance for pain. Football certainly would not have been a good fit for me, but I digress, this obsession with the sport as a spectator is only furthered by the addition of a fantasy football league or two.

For at least 5 years, I have been a part of at least one fantasy league per season. Before fantasy football, my football watching days were devoted mainly to my alma mater KSU, as well as the Chiefs and the occasional Bears game, whenever the networks decide to broadcast it here in Kansas. When I made the easy decision to participate in my first F.F. league, all of the sudden EVERY game needed to be seen. I just had to watch all of my F.F. players in action and see my points rack up live to be sure I was going to win my weekly match-up. My Sunday afternoons that typically consisted of watching one game, eventually transitioned to football marathons. If there is a game on, I'm watching it. I told ya, football obsession....fully.

Until this year, I have been the proud General Manager of the Victorious Secrets (laugh all you want, it's clever and you know it), and have unfortunately not yet seen a championship. This may reflect badly on abilities as a team manager, but make no mistake your draft position, your involvement in your team week to week,and a lot of luck are the key components to a successful team. Regardless, this year I decided to make a change to try and improve my luck. In 2010, Victorious Secrets is no more and the new team is ready for action. Somewhere Over Dewayne Bowe, make me proud. For those unaware, Dewayne Bowe is the top receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. :)

My 2010 league's draft took place this afternoon. It's this league's tradition to do a live draft gathering. We get together, have our own individual research and paperwork prepared to do our best drafting, and have more food than we can eat. Here's a few images of the action:

I drew Pick #5 out of 12 total. Not too bad, but not great.

Two or three hrs later, all teams have their rosters full with 16 of the NFL's finest, and our belly's full with Papa John's finest. What a way to spend an afternoon. :) My team is looking strong, and I am optimistic for my chances this year to take home the cash. ($110 is up for grabs)

Wish me luck for the 2010 season and yes, I am a tomboy and I love sports. Get over it.


  1. Umm..."Somewhere Over Dewayne Bowe"? Greatest name for anything ever.

  2. those are probably the best two names i've ever heard for FF. i've always gone with the reliable "off in the shower" good luck this year!