Goodbye to a childhood memory

I know what you are thinking....I'm a total treehugger. Well, yesterday, I said my final goodbyes to my tree. Yes you heard me correct, MY tree. Picture kindergarten-age Abbey, three and half feet tall with my blonde hair so light that it is nearly white, bringing home a tree sapling planted in the bottom half of a child-sized milk carton, begging "Please can we plant it? Pretty please?" My parents, being the good parents they are, allowed me to plant the tiny little sapling in the front yard of our house (Of course with little expectation that it would survive numerous mows, winters, etc). That picture, is me, next to my tree as of yesterday. That tiny sapling was a strong one, as it has now grown so large, that it is taller than our house and impeding upon the house space. After countless trims the tree continues grow into the house, thereby leaving no choice but to say goodbye. Hence sad puppy face in above image. The entire tree could not fit in the image, but here's a better look at it.

It's already received a serious trim job in the prep work before the entire tree comes down. It is important to mention the tree just in the background to the left of my tree, is my sister's tree. She also was lucky to have her childhood tree survive in our front yard. It stayed a much more modest and manageable size. If anyone out there is looking for a good quality tree that provides great shade and minimal upkeep, look for a Little Leaf Linden like my sister's. Not that I don't love my Honey Locust tree, but her's really was the winner. :)

Anyway, this is my dedication to my spindly, no-shade providing, annoying tiny little leaf dropping, Kindergarten success. :) You will be missed.


  1. My brother and I have trees at our first house too! We moved away years ago, but I drove by a while back and those suckers are HUGE now. I totally felt really, really old.

    Bummer about your tree, cute pictures though!

  2. you are too funny. I love your blogs.