Labor Day Packing

I am in the middle of the "moving transition" time. You know, that time when you are packing all your crap into multiple gigantor boxes in preparation for moving, yet you can't quite pack EVERYTHING because you still need some of it for the week leading up to the move? Yeah, THAT transition time. Not only have I packed everything I possibly can, but I have no where to store the boxes that are already packed. So, my apartment now is practically un-maneuverable. Each time I come home it's a careful path that needs to be taken to make it through the living room to the bedroom, or from the living room to the kitchen. I took a couple snapshots of my disaster area I call an apartment:

The inordinate amount of Dell computer boxes are a family heirloom of sorts. My sis and I have used them for the past 3-4 moves between the two of us. A big thanks goes out to Garmin for "providing" these boxes back when my sister used to work for them. :)
This weekend consisted of packing for the majority of the time, sprinkled with my sis's 30th b-day party, a wedding, and a viewing of Avatar 3D to give ourselves a much needed break! Here's Jared and I sporting the sweet 3D glasses they provide for the second release of the movie:
Who made this decision to buy a home while trying to plan a wedding? Surely it wasn't me??? :) Coupled with an unusually terrible couple weeks of work, my body is doing very strange things in reaction to the stress. I'll save you from the laundry list, but one of which is a gimpy shoulder after a terrible night of sleep that I can't lift laterally without shooting pains down to my fingers. That can't be good....I think I need to take some time to slow down and get back to normal before things get any worse. (Deep breath). Moving day is almost here, then I can get at least one thing off my plate! Despite the stress, the excitement continues to build to FINALLY be into the house! The much needed extra space, the backyard for Rupert, and last but certainly not least, a place to call our own. Closing on Friday, moving day on Saturday--it will be here before I know it. Now, to get through the next 3 days...:)

P.S. The West Elm duvet cover set has been purchased and should be delivered tomorrow. :) Thanks everyone for their input! I cannot wait to see it.

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