Exhausted, but moved in!

It doesn't matter how much you prepare. Moving is just exhausting. Yet somehow, in the week leading up to the move, I seem to only remember the excitement part from previous moves, and not the physical toll part. It's like my own brain tricks me every time: "Yes! This will be sooooo exciting, you will hardly notice the work and effort needed to complete all necessary tasks!" I suppose the restless night of sleep pre-move didn't help matters much, but it was too be expected with all the, you guessed it, excitement. :)

Nevertheless, Jared and I are officially moved in! With the help of numerous family and friends, we not only are moved in, but the entire master bedroom and bathroom are repainted! The kitchen is entirely organized, from dishes, to the pantry, and the bed was actually setup and able to be slept on for the first night. Aaaaaaamazing! Don't get me wrong, the place is a disaster area. My clothes still reside in black trash bags, and we have boxes of rando-crap strewn about the entire house. It will be a work in progress from this point on, but at least it is starting to feel more like home. :) ahhhh...that's a nice feeling.

The pup handled the move better than expected---until it was time for bed. All the new sounds that come with a new house, new neighborhood, etc must have been too much for him. (although I'll give him a free pass for the kids setting off fireworks from the house behind us. For a dog, that one is totally, justified). I recall waking up once before 1am to some growling and shifting around, and twice before 2am to his intimidating sounding barking from his kennel down in the kitchen. The third time Jared and I were disturbed from our slumber was too much, so we decided to bring him up to our room in hopes he would feel more comfortable and less likely to freak at every car door closing. WRONG. 4am--BARK, BARK-BARK...BARK out our master bedroom window. Seriously! I think I have gotten about 8 hrs of sleep in the past 2 days combined. Hence this afternoon's lovely migraine making all efforts on settling in to the new home come to halt.

Thank goodness I took tomorrow off of work! I'm going to need it! Pictures will of course soon follow (as soon as I find my USB cord in whatever various box it is currently residing) ;)

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  1. Yeah!! When we moved in to our house, I was all gung-ho for unpacking and decorating and painting...and then, like, a week later, I was all "screw this. Anything that's still in a box is going into the basement. I can't take it anymore." At this rate, we'll be totally unpacked somewhere around 2014 ;)