Rupert is Boycotting

I swear, this dog is just plain ol' mad at Jared and me for moving him out of the apartment. Today, he decided to dig a lovely hole in our backyard...right smack dab in the middle of the yard I might add.
And here Jared and I thought he would be happy as a clam with a nice, lush backyard to run and play without any leash or chain. I guess he just doesn't know what to do with his new freedom. Sigh....Here's hoping he settles in sooner, rather than later, as he is adding more projects to our "to-do" list than we can keep up with!


  1. If you're lucky, he'll find a burrow full of baby bunnies in the backyard and spend all of his time out there frantically digging it up and trying to eat everything in it (much like Frank).


    And people ask why we're not having children. I've got one. It's just of the 4-legged variety.

  2. and it looks like he has a huge backyard lol.