2 weeks went by too fast

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Jared was home for 2 straight weeks over the holidays...it was so great. Alas, he's back on the road again this morning. Bummer. That alarm went off at about 3:45am, and I begged him to snooze it, not out of the attempt to sleep longer, but to enjoy just a few more minutes before he was a blur out the door to the airport. He obliged, without much protest I might add. :) He may only be gone 4 days a week, but those 4 days feel a lot longer when he's been home for an extended time. He works hard, and operates on a schedule that not many could stand for longer than a few months. Anyone who spends that much time in an airport has my respect...ugh. I really don't know how he does it. The sacrifices we make in face-time every week are better preparing us for our future life together, and I'm on board with that, for a least a little while longer. ;)

...I was thrilled to continue catching up on Trueblood season 3 tonight without protest. :)

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  1. oh wow! that must be so hard. i hate when luke travels. it gets so lonely and i even have a 19 month to play with.