Let's hear it for the girls

Sometimes, you don't realize how much you needed time with the girls until you have a fun-filled weekend with all your best girl friends. There is something so therapeutic about girl talk--but I'm sure the cocktails that come along with hanging with the girls have nothing to do with that. :)

Friday night, my friend Abby hosted a Passions Party, and a bunch of us girls got together to laugh, drink some wine, and just have some good ol' girl talk. And if you've ever been to a Passions Party, you know that a lot of laughing is just what you'll do. :) Just want the doctor ordered. A few PG-rated snapshots of the action:

Shea from Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique fills up her glass
Hmm, I wonder if the Franzia has something to do with the headache today. :)

Lindsay and Cassie enjoying the scents of some sweet body lotion

Saturday, my bridesmaids and I all met up to try on and order the Bridesmaid dresses! "The Donna's" (my mom and Jared's mom) of course came along, and tried on a few dresses of their own in preparation for the wedding. That fact that everyone was available on a Saturday to be there was amazing, and I was so thankful. We followed up the morning with a lunch out at Houlihans, and of course there were cocktails! Here's a pic of the lovely ladies and me, martinis in hand!
After lunch, (and a few orders of free pickle fries later) a few of us made it over to the mall to do some more shopping for wedding shoes! Although the ungettable emerald green shoes were not found, (Seriously, these things just flat-out don't exist) we still had fun! If anyone has ANY unkown shoe store gems that might have some emerald green dress shoes, I am all ears. They HAVE to be out there somewhere, they're just trying really, really hard to hide. The weekend is not even over, and even though I love hangin with the girls, I think I'll reserve tomorrow for Jared and Abbey. :)


  1. Man I'm really working hard to get that wine out :) I had so much fun on Friday, it had been too long since we've all gotten together!!