Just went the snow melts...

BLAM--8inches more snow expected throughout today--maybe more. Yet again, more shoveling. Each time I shovel our driveway, I swear it get's longer and longer. It's like the never ending driveway that mysteriously grows like it's playing some sort of lame joke on me. The neighbors lazily pushing around their snowblowers only serves to torment me in my struggle. More disheartening, before I was even finished the 5in already on the ground, there was nearly another inch blanketing the pavement again. Sigh.....I love snow, really I do! Just for once can it snow when Jared is in town? Sheesh. :) At least I earned myself an couple bites of dessert tonight for the extra calorie burnage. :)


  1. you need to invest in a snow blower :)

  2. I was "lazily pushing a snow blower" this morning too.