Love the snow!

It's officially the first real snow storm of the season in Kansas, and it's about time. :) I love the snow, and at least having all of this pretty white stuff on the ground makes the cold more bearable. We have gotten 6inches so far, and the snow continues to fall. I just finished shoveling the driveway, and now it already has another inch covering it. Where's Jared? sheesh--too much shoveling for me. :)

Not only is it the first substantial snow storm of the season, this is Rupert's first experience with this much snow. I had to get the camera out to capture his discovery. He loves it so much, he just runs circles and circles around me. I took some video, but it made me dizzy watching it, so I wouldn't dare post it. Although he loves the white stuff, it confused him. He didn't know he should go to the bathroom in it, so he instead peed on the back patio I had shoveled. Darn Dog... :) I snapped some cute pics of him post play though. This one was my favorite--he's catching a glimpse of the snow on his snout.
In this last one, he looks confused and terrified at the same time (not an uncommon look for Rupert unfortunately), but it was a small miracle I got this shot, so I had t0 post it.
Before you judge, I'm really not a crazy dog person. Maybe I just want to show the world our awesome dog. Rupert is the man, and everyone deserves to know about it...


  1. I take pics of my dogs and myself all the time. LOVE IT!!! YOur house is beautiful!

  2. unlike yourself, i AM a crazy dog person. i think i talk about our dog more than i do our marriage!