Sick, yes again

If you read my previous post about my tendencies to get sick rather easily, this probably comes as no surprise that I am sick again. I was sick in October, and looky here, I'm sick again in November. For real, this is my life. Just ask my parents or Jared.

This time, I have picked up something I haven't had in years (thankfully). The dreaded STOMACH FLU. I am committing to memory just how bad I have felt all day today for the next time I get a pesky cold, cause lemme tell ya, a cold ain't sh*&. Wow, this is a personal hell. If I could use a simple emoticon of a sickly green face, I totally would right now. Food consumed today = handful of oyster crackers and a cup of soup at 8pm. The outcome of an actual meal is TBD. :(

Whilst on my couch all day, I caught 3 movies:
1) A League of Their Own--an all time favorite and a must watch whenever it's on. In my opinion, Tom Hanks makes that movie a must watch for me.
2)Planet 51--a cute animated flick I remember thinking looked cute when I saw the previews. My review? I give it a meh.
3) Julie and Julia--Good, but not great. It did however inspire me to want to cook more, so that's a plus. :)

Now, the first KSU men's basketball game is on the tube. I can't believe it's already NCAA basketball time. Tonight's game is only an exhibition game, but it signals the start of my basketball watching days! Hooray! I know, I'm wayyy to excited about it. Anyway, wish me luck for a speedy recovery, the sooner the better.

Wedding news--The D.J. is about to be booked and bridesmaid dresses are almost picked out...ALMOST. :) Slowly but surely, it's coming together!

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