Most Wanted List

My shopping itch is back! In my defense, I haven't shopped in a long time, for obvious home-related reasons. :) That doesn't mean I can't window shop, right? The annual Junior League Holiday Mart begins tomorrow, and yours truly will be in attendance with my sis on opening night. Crazy, I know. There will be hundreds of wide-eyed women crowding the many 1o x 10ft booths snatching up whatever they can. Most of the vendors are local businesses, and most of the deals are amazing. I can't wait!

Despite my self control to limit my spending tomorrow, I still am lusting after a few Fall pieces for my wardrobe:
1) Navy blue faux suede slouch boots: currently $30! The only thing stopping me is....hmmm...perhaps I can't find a reason? :) I love the navy trend that's happening now. I'm diving in head first.
2) Rainforest Green J.Crew coat: The cut, the color--swoon! At $298, it's wayyy out of my price range though. Adore from afar. Le sigh.
3) Cowl sweater tunic--Arden B.: The deep amethyst color is to die for. Love this, want this, like yesterday.

I guess you could say that I love color. :) The right thing to do at this point is wait it out a few days and see if I really do still "need" them. Be responsible Abbey! To the boots and sweater--Perhaps "I'll be back".

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  1. I could soooo see you in the sweater from Arden B..