Painter's shoulder--is that a thing?

Room #3--painted. 4 weeks moved in, and 3 rooms done. Jared and I have this down to a science--he rolls, I edge out the trim/ceiling. Today, we finished the last room that absolutely HAD to be painted. The rest of the home has great colors throughout, so we are more than happy to live with them as is. Truth be told, this is actually the second attempt of a color change in this same room. So I guess you could say we have painted 4 rooms. I took a risk with my first color choice, and failed. Miserably. What I thought would be a fun lighter orange color turned out looking like a gross orange creamsicle. ICK! I didn't even want people to see it I was so horrified. It just couldn't wait any longer, we had to cover every last trace of that orange disaster. Seriously, the picture doesn't even do it justice:
So three hours of painting later--the room is much more adult looking.I chose a completely different color, although more muted, it still has some personality. It's a ocean blue/green color and I am loving the way it turned out! I'll post "after" pictures after I get some furniture and decor up in there.
Rupert enjoyed painting time too. I love when he get's this excited, he looks like he's smiling, and that makes me smile :) We love our little man! And yes, he is sporting a Halloween inspired bandanna these days. He's now 11 months old, the perfect time to start showing he's fashionable, yet still tough (scared).
In other news, Jared and I are thrilled to have a buyer for this monstrous children's playset hanging out in our backyard. The previous home owners left it here for us, so we're not too upset to make a buck off of it as the thing is a beast and in great shape. The buyer is coming by tomorrow to buy and hauling it off later this week (hopefully). No more mowing/edging around it. YAY! Although it IS tempting to take a ride down the slide myself, there are not near enough trees around to keep my neighbors from seeing, so I'll pass. :)

Have a happy rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. What is the name of that paint color? Do you have a link for the finished project? Thank you!

    1. Hi JR and thanks for your comment! I don't have a picture of the room in its completion because we decided to turn it into my art studio. The paint color is called Woodlawn Valley Haze by Valspar. I'd be happy to send you a picture of the room if you'd like Just use the email button at the top of the blog and I'll get back to you asap! I hope this helps!