I'm way too excited about an area rug

It was delivered today, so that's my excuse to be as excited as I am, right? Now don't get me wrong I love my wood floors, they are beautiful, but everyone needs that little sense of comfort in their living room. I think Rupert needed it more than Jared or me b/c he only hung out by the couches with us when absolutely necessary before retreating back to the safe, full-of-traction carpeted dining room. Poor guy, those hard wood floors were quite an adjustment for him. The proof lies in the number of times we saw his paws slide out from underneath him while trying to take a turn a little too fast. THUD. We didn't want to laugh, really. :)

Anyway, it's here!
I took quite a risk by ordering it off of Overstock.com. Without seeing more than an image of it on a website and zero customer reviews to base my judgment off of, I was tentative to say the least. The rug is 8 x 10 approx, which is more massive than I expected, but necessary for the room and furniture. I must say though, I'm pretty happy with the result! The color is slightly different than the picture on the website, but I think it still works.
I figured I'd throw in a picture of my mantle all "fall"ed up. My birch tree painting still continues to be one of my favorite pieces to date, so I had to find a place to use it! I've painted a lot, but this is my go to piece when I want to feel proud and reassure myself that I CAN start an Etsy store. Someday Esty, hopefully sooner than later. :)

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  1. wow! so proud of you girl! O have been in my "new" place for 4 years and have bought and returned 2 rugs (and I hold a degree in interior design?!?). I just am at a loss.... glad you are so happy with yours! It looks great!!!!