It's fall, I'm sick already

Bummer dude. This is so typical of my weak-ass immune system to catch a serious cold this early on in the season. There aren't enough vitamins in the world to keep me from catching whatever may be going around. And to this day, I can still prove that whenever I make an effort to take more vitamin C is when I actually get sick. Just this weekend/week, I had eaten 2 oranges right before I got sick (it is a very uncommon occurrence for me to eat them that frequently). When I was younger, my dad had me take some horse-sized vitamin C pill, and after the first dose, I had a cold the next day. It makes no sense. Anyway, this is my life right now:
My nose is raw, I've taken whatever remaining sick days I had left for the year due to frequent migraines every other month, and currently, KSU is being schooled in the sport of football by Nebraska. Ouch. Here's hoping for a refreshing weekend. Yeah, yeah, I know....bah humbug. :)

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