Gift from Grandpa Whitney

Earlier this year, Jared's grandfather was gracious enough to give me one of his special, handmade, wood pieces. He made me this great little recipe storage box:
He is so talented, and Jared and I are lucky enough to have a lot of his work around our home. From wine racks, to shelves, to even a KSU wall hanging. Let me tell you, the craftsmanship is impeccable. Being that I happened to have pages and pages of disintegrating recipes, it was about time I got them organized before they were no longer legible! Using a handy little website called Skip to My Lou, I was easily able to enter in all the ingredients and recipe directions and then print out the 3x5in cards on our printer! Aren't they so cute?

Typically, recipe cards have a tendency to look, well I'll just say it. CRAFTY. The little flower pots and daisies and gingerbread's all just too much for me. These at least make me feel a little more young-ish, if you can be considered young while printing recipe cards. :) With the effects of the stomach flu still lingering, it was a perfect afternoon project while watching some college football games yesterday.

Thanks Grandpa Bill Whitney, for giving me something I definitely needed. :)

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