Fiance--French for awesome

Ok, I absolutely must take a moment to brag about how great my future husband has been this week. Yeah, yeah, sappy, sappy, but I really, a girl can't ask for a more caring guy and the world deserves to know how great he is. He's been working from home this week, rather than his usual travel schedule. Let's just say, he's been taking advantage of the extra time we have together:

Monday--After work, he met me out do run some errands (something we never get to do together). What did he bring along with him? Some beautiful flowers, just because he thought it would be nice to get me some flowers. For real?! Just to spend that time him doing the mundane tasks was special to me, but he upped the ante, big time.--I even dragged him into Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas decorations 50% off--but it was only 15min...tops. :)

Tuesday--The morning started terribly. My job delivered a stiff blow to the chin within an hour from when I walked in the door, so Jared showed up that afternoon to take me to lunch to one of my favorite sandwich shops, Adrian's Cafe. He knew I needed a good listener, and it was so great to get away and to spend more time which we typically would never be able to. Just what the Dr. ordered.

Wednesday--I walked in the door at 8:30pm after a long day at work and then a long hair appt. Jared had whipped up a comforting meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup, ready and waiting for me. On a cold, rainy night I was a perfect way to unwind. I would say this is probably the 3rd time he has cooked for me in over 2 years, and he chooses his times wisely. ;)

So my conclusions is that either he's done something really bad and is trying to butter me up before delivering the bad news, or I have just really found myself a keeper! (All signs point to the latter) :) I don't know how I'll ever show him how much I appreciate all the little things he does, b/c all the thank yous in the world wouldn't cover it. If this week is representative of what I can expect when he decides to someday step away from the work travel, I think will be super spoiled...and I can't wait.

Can I get this guy locked down yet? :)

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