Feeling Good...Finally!

Nothing can spoil a vacation quite like a stomach bug. It was a great trip to Arizona, don't get me wrong, complete with warm weather, great food, plenty of beers, some good football, and even mountain climbing.  The pics below were taken at Camelback Mountain on the Echo Canyon Trail.

It was all going so well up until the final night. That stomach bug hit me and it hit me with a one-two combo. BAM and I was on the hotel bathroom floor for the entire night. Lovely. One extra day in the hotel and a couple of changed flights later Jared and I finally found our way home via the red-eye. That was a loooooooooong trip home to say the least.

After getting home the fun continued and I was hit yet again, only this time with a nasty sinus infection. A quick trip to the Dr. and one Z-pak, coming right up! FINALLY, after one full week of being just plain sick, I am feeling back to normal. Fingers crossed that I won't be sick again until 2014 because I have paid my dues!

Now, back to painting, job-hunting, and do anything outside of the house! :)

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