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My Etsy shop has been feeling the love lately, so thank you to all my followers out there who have Favorited my shop and/or my items! My shop feels the love, and so do I.

Here's a snapshot of the new piece I've been working on. It's been nice watching this little guy take shape over the last day. I hope to have this one up in my shop by tonight or tomorrow:

Though I've experimented a bit with patterns and geometry, I can't seem to help myself from the pull of creating nature-inspired paintings. The heart wants what it wants. :)
In other news, one of my pieces was recently featured in an Etsy user's treasury which is always a great feeling! If you are unfamiliar with treasuries, a treasury is collection of items any Etsy user can create highlighting their favorite Etsy items. These items can be selected based on a theme, color, or concept, or with no rhyme or reason at all. may elect use any treasury on its homepage so being featured in a treasury is always a great opportunity for exposure.  

I've created a few treasuries of my own. It's a fun thing to do if you have some time to browse through the millions of items offered on Etsy. There is really some amazing stuff out there! The below treasuries are created by me, and you can follow the links to view the treasuries in their entirety. Leave me a comment over on Etsy if you like it! If you've never created a treasury, I urge you to give it a try and share it with me. I'd love to take a look!

Yellow-The Happiest Color On Earth
 Everything's Coming Up Rose Gold

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