Color Me Inspired

Happy Friday everyone!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling especially inspired today. I absolutely love days like this; days where you feel like you can do it all and then some. Why the sudden feeling of motivation?? I was totally inspired combination of colors I recently came across on Pintrest. Let's be honest, sometimes the littlest of things can create a madwoman in me. :) Check out this unique and modern quilt:

This very cool quilt came from a gorgeous blog called See Kate Sew featuring all things sewing. She has great tutorials and associated images so if you are looking for sewing inspiration, you absolutely must check this blog out! 

So back to the inspiration. Sometimes these things just sing to you and you know something must be done to satiate this need to play with the color combination, and this one has done just that. I'm planning on starting a new piece exploring the calmness and contrast of these lovely tones (I swapped out the black for a warmer navy color to cut back on the contrast just a touch).  

I wish you all a well weekend, and hope you get to do something, big or small, that totally inspires you!



  1. love the colors!!! either a killer outfit combo, or a beautiful room palate

    1. Thanks Laura! I completely agree with you. Who says the inspiration has to stop at artwork? The options are endless!