My weekend in 3 images

Ok, 3 images w/ 3 descriptions. :)

Black Swan: YAY! Finally it opened up to us mid-westerners. Why must they make us wait so long when the east/west coast see it 2 weeks sooner?! Anyway, complaining aside, a group of friends got together to have some amazing Thai food and then see a late night showing of Black Swan on Friday evening. A group date, if you will. Unfortunately, due to the sparkling conversation, our dinner ran a little longer than expected, and we wound up arriving to the movie 10min before showtime, ergo sitting in the 3rd row seats up front which require you to turn your head from side to side to keep track of the action. That, coupled with the very bouncy, artistic and close-up camera work in this movie made for a rough, and sometimes dizzy, hour and 50min. But WELL worth it. This movie was nothing what I expected it to be...and for that reason, I liked it even more! :) GO SEE IT. It's already nominated for four Golden Globes. I believe Natalie Portman will win at least one award for her work.

White Christmas: So technically the White Christmas watch party wasn't during the weekend, it was Thursday. That's close enough, eh? On Thursday, my sister, my mother, my best friend and her mother all joined for the 3rd annual watch party: We drink wine, eat way too much homemade snacks, and watch one of our favorite Christmas classics, White Christmas. Yes, that's Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney in the image. And if you haven't seen this movie, you NEED to! It's a classic for a reason, and you better believe each one of us can sing every song word for word. :)

White Elephant Gifts: These are the goodies Jared and I ended up with from a Christmas Party we attended at the Boxberger's this weekend (mine is the hat). Lovely huh? The s^$#ing dog image on the hat is a nice touch. I still haven't decided if Jared actually hates his gift. :) I think this hat actually could be used on my annual float trip. It would fit in real well with on the Niangua River locals in Lebanon MO. (If you haven't been there, just think of it as a big spring break bash, on a very shallow river, with a very different breed of people). Yes....there are beads thrown around, if that gives you an hint. If nothing else, these gifts will be at least recycled at another White Elephant gift exchange, that is if Jared doesn't secretly sport his Superman undies around the house. :) The best gift at the party either goes to the Shake Weight, or the 3 cans of the now locally banned Four Loko (brought by yours truly) :)

Jared and I are heading to the Olive Garden this evening to celebrate his mother's birthday. Ahh, their salad and breadsticks--I can't stop myself! And Jared is home for 2 weeks from travel, which is so great. I finally have someone to cook for in the evenings and we get to watch our favorite shows together. His job has certainly taught me not to take those kinds of things for granted. Happy Sunday everyone!

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