Gardening like a boss (ok maybe just like a beginner). :)

The garden is up and running. Grueling work, and quite a reality check about how few gardening/landscape tools we actually own. Thank goodness for the good ol' rents, they offered not only their supplies, but their time to help, which was awesome. I've got lots of goodies growing now, both herbs and veggies!

If I can take a moment to share a word of advice. Ok a few words. Never, and I mean NEVER, plant mint in a garden bed. Always plant it in a pot. The previous homeowners of our home decided to plant some mint (for whatever reason I have no idea. What use is there for mint anyways? You can only drink so many mint julips. Rant end). Anyway, so the mint had totally taken over the entire bed. The root system on that herb, is the king kong of herbs. Wow. There's a good chance it will still come back, because it had worked itself under the tarp of the garden bed. Ugh. If it does, I may have to Round Up it's minty ass! That is my lesson to all of you. :)

Here's hoping I don't kill everything I planted!

P.S. Rupert is still going strong. No problems. Hoorray!!!!

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