Emerald Perfection

Thank you Etsy, for providing me with these lovelies:

Vintage Swarovski crystal bracelet via Bumbershoot Designs on Etsy. It came in the cutest little packaging too! Love it!

Custom heels? Yes Please! Via Paris XOX on Etsy

2 BIG questions marks on my wedding to-do list are officially checked off! I know, I know, I already had shoes....but they were so tall, I just couldn't walk normally in them, on a day where I really need to be able to walk. :) Done, and Done.

Invites here by Tuesday, picking music for the ceremony, wow, this is really happening! Squeeeee!

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  1. Yay! I love Etsy--I swear I could spend hours just browsing around there. Both finds are gorgeous Abbey!