Target acquired and hit

Nothing like a good, strong hail storm to show you the ropes of home ownership. Sure, sure, the hail was fun, scary, and exciting last night. We even grabbed a monster piece for a quick photo shoot, like I'm sure most everyone else did. However today after surveying the damage in broad daylight, it's instantly not fun anymore. The casualties include:

8 shutters

6 screens

1 window--outside pane literally shattered

As I swept the front driveway of the broken glass from the window above, I came to the realization that we probably have to pay for this, don't we? Bummer. As I survey our home's damage compared to the other houses in the cul-de-sac, I am shocked to see no one else with broken windows or shutters. Only one measly hole in a screen can be found on neighboring homes. That hail apparently targeted us, and our poor shutters. :( Finding multiple pieces of broken shutter slats in the yard, I gathered them up in the hopes it won't be entirely necessary to fully replace the damaged shutters, at the very beginning of the spring storm season none-the-less. A little gorilla glue and some black touch up paint should do the trick, right?

I love owning our home, but I now officially hate hail.

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