New Adventures are my Favorite - It's Etsy Time!

Where does one begin when she hasn't blogged for over a year? Beg for forgiveness? Offer a million excuses? Maybe pretend like no time had passed and just write whatever comes to mind? Or maybe, just maybe, kick off her new blog post with a bang by offering some exciting news? Yes, yes, I like that idea the best.  Check it:

Someone has opened her very own Etsy Store! What, WHAT!? You heard me right. My original intention and goal for starting the blog in the first place has finally been realized. That's right... The Curious Yellow is now offering my hand painted art on canvas to the public!

I mean how great is I don't know what took me so long. I mean it was super easy to set my store up, and after all, what purpose do goals serve if you never intend on achieving them? Sure, there's the slight fear of  failure, but you never know until you try. So here I am, trying. If you can find away to monetize something you love to do, well my friends, that is the perfect scenario....the dream. I may never sell a single thing, but I'll be so glad that I set a personal goal for myself and achieved it. Worst case scenario, I'll have some fabulous art to gift to my friends and truly enjoyed myself while I created them. :)

Here's my current fave piece, and I'm being entirely honest when I say I would hang anything I have painted and will paint in my own home. I really do love them all.

Many more where that came from! For those who are interested to see what I have been working on and will be working on in the coming days, you can check back at my store occasionally, and I'll be pinning my new stuff on my Pintrest Curious Yellow board, as well as blogging while new pieces are in progress. 

My adventure is just beginning so wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I remember when I first started out!
    I started April of last year on my birthday and it was very exciting!!

    I wish you many sales!
    love the piece you posted for this! Your art should sell very well on etsy!

    Good luck!


  2. Thank you Princess M for your comment! I appreciate you sharing your experience! I hope my store can achieve the same success that yours has. :)I'm trying to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible. :)

  3. wahoo! i am thinking i need that navy/flower painting. i will get back to ya. i love it all.

  4. Here's to many great successes in your shop and blog future. I'm your newest follower via Etsy. Perhaps you'd want to check out my blog too?

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Julia! Consider me your newest follower as well. :)Thank you for the well wishes and the support!